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MyDay 1 Day, Clariti 1 Day, and Biofinity Energys
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Daily Soft Contacts

Daily disposable contact lenses are worn during the day and thrown out after wear. They are becoming more popular every day due to their convenience.

Monthly and Bi-Weekly Soft Contacts

These lenses require daily cleaning and storage but are generally more affordable than daily disposable lenses. These lenses may also have extended prescription ranges.

Multifocal Soft Contacts

Multifocal soft contacts have added reading power within the contact lens. They are becoming more and more common in daily, biweekly, and monthly varieties. They can reduce or eliminate dependence on reading glasses.

Rigid Gas Permeable Hard Lenses

"Hard" contact lenses with exceptional oxygen transfer. These lenses offer very clear optics and can be used for many different kinds of contact lens wearers, including those with corneal conditions like keratoconus. These lenses last much longer than soft lenses--one pair can last a year or more.

Corneal Refractive Therapy

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses that correct your vision overnight by reshaping the cornea, allowing for clear vision during the day without glasses or contacts. These lenses are often used for myopia control. Learn more about myopia and myopia control here.


A contact lens fit always starts with a full eye exam to ensure the most accurate prescription, and allow for consideration of your ocular health in the best contact lens choice.

We assess your lifestyle, visual needs, and shape of your eye to choose your contact lens. Then, the contact lens is evaluated for vision, comfort, and fit on the surface of the eye.

Our talented technicians teach you the proper insertion and removal technique, and inform you on good contact lens hygiene practices to keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

​Contacts should be reevaluated yearly by your eye doctor to ensure the best fit, vision, and comfort for you.