Dry Eye Therapy

Dry Eye Therapy in Middletown, NY

Our doctors have a special focus on Dry Eye and Dry Eye treatment, as it's becoming more and more common in our digital world.

The First Step to Treating Your Dry Eye is a Detailed Evaluation

Your symptoms may include red, itchy, burning, and uncomfortable eyes. You may notice light sensitivity, and vision that does not feel stable or comfortable.

Each case of Dry Eye is unique to you, your history, and your lifestyle.

Treatments Available at Our Office

There are a variety of Dry Eye treatments both in the market and in active research.

Our office prides itself on being as up to date as possible on treatments for patients that suffer with dry eyes.

Non-medicated lubricating eye drops, lid cleansers, and heating aids, to improve the quality of your tears at home, as well as to support your eyes between in-office treatments as necessary.

Prescription topical and oral medications such as Restasis and Xiidra for the longterm treatment of inflammation, one of the root causes of Dry Eye.

In-office procedures such as tea-tree oil treatments to reduce the population of eyelash mites called Demodex folliculorum, as well as the insertion of punctal plugs to improve the contact time of your tears with the ocular surface.

One of the newest innovations to the treatment of Dry Eye is Intense Pulsed Light, a light-based therapy that targets blood vessels and other factors that bring inflammation to the eyes and eyelids. The use of this treatment for the eyes and face has been shown to reduce symptoms of dry eye that have been resistant to other forms of Dry Eye treatment, including drops and heating procedures.

Our office will begin Intense Pulsed Light therapy this summer, for those who are experiencing persistent symptoms despite their previous treatments.

Each case of Dry Eye is unique and important to our doctors.
Each case will receive regular check-ins on you and your symptoms.

Dry Eye can be a disrupting condition, but there is help available at Adult and Pediatric Eyecare.

Call today to schedule your evaluation and determine your treatment plan!

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