Dry Eye Therapy

Finally, a Dry Eye Therapy That Works

Still having symptoms of dry eye after conventional therapy?
Still experiencing burning ten minutes after using artificial tears?

At last, there is a comprehensive and effective dry eye treatment program designed to address all the factors that can cause dry eyes.

Included is a three-month supply of these five components:
In-Office Heat Treatment

In-Office Heat Treatment

With Meibomian Gland Expression
Performed by the doctor, this procedure rejuvenates and cleans your lids, and helps increase your ability to produced your own natural tears.



Adult and Pediatric Eyecare is one of few in the region that stock this revolutionary biologic drop. This drop contains anti-inflammatory cytokines and growth factors for a comparable cost and effect to prescribed topical dry eye drops.



The best tear-supporting supplement on the market to treat your dry eye from the inside out.

Lid Hygiene

With Avenova
This cleanser eliminates the bacteria that causes inflammation from your lids and lashes.

At-Home Treatment Aids

Continue the healing at home and keep your tear producing glands clean and functioning at their best.​​

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